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Exploring the Ozempic Shortage: Unique Alternatives to Weight Loss and Patient Care

Exploring the Ozempic Shortage: Unique Alternatives to Weight Loss and Patient Care



Compounding Semaglutide to Address the Ozempic Shortage

Drug shortages can disrupt health therapies, leaving patients and providers scrambling for solutions. Ozempic, a medication known for managing type 2 diabetes and sought after for its weight loss potential, has been on the FDA shortage list since mid-2023, leaving many in search of alternatives.

Enter Morgan Compounding Pharmacy, a Georgia-based beacon of innovation in the pharmaceutical landscape. Amidst this Ozempic shortage, we offer a tailored solution, leveraging the art of compounding to craft custom medications that meet individual patient needs. We provide two distinct formulations of Semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic: Sublingual Liquid Semaglutide and Semaglutide Injectable.

Understanding the Ozempic Shortage

Drug shortages can pose challenges that impact patients and healthcare providers. The drug Ozempic, is primarily used to address type 2 diabetes, but has recently gained a lot of popularity for its weight loss side effects. It is in high demand and patients are seeking to find an available option.

How Morgan Compounding Pharmacy May Help

Compounding pharmacies, like Morgan Compounding Pharmacy, can legally offer a strategic alternative to medications on the FDA’s drug shortage list, including options for the Ozempic shortage. By compounding medications like Semaglutide, we can provide custom medications that may potentially meet individual patient needs and help close the gap caused by commercial drug shortages.

With a prescription from your healthcare provider, we offer our patients compounded Semaglutide in two forms: Sublingual Liquid Semaglutide and Semaglutide Injectable.

What is Liquid Sublingual Semaglutide?

At Morgan Compounding Pharmacy, we understand the desire of our patients for non-injectable forms of medication. With this in mind, we offer liquid compounded semaglutide for daily sublingual administration using SubMagna™ SL HMW. This new delivery method is an alternative to using a needle and offers a strategic solution during the Ozempic shortage.

What Does Sublingual Mean?

Sublingual means the administering of a medication by placing it under the tongue. Sublingual Semaglutide comes in a liquid form and is placed directly under the tongue daily as prescribed by your healthcare provider. It is then absorbed into the bloodstream through tissues under the tongue. In most cases, sublingual absorption is typically superior to oral absorption and bypasses first-pass metabolism. 

What is SubMagna™ SL HMW?

SubMagna™ is an anhydrous, self-emulsifying drug delivery system intentionally developed to carry drugs of high molecular weight (HMW) in a sublingual route of administration. This innovative compounding base may also benefit from mucoadhesive properties which increase the contact time of the drug in the sublingual space. In Layman’s terms, it helps the medication stick to the tissues under your tongue to provide the opportunity for better absorption into your bloodstream.

How Much Does it Cost?


Semaglutide Base 1-mg/mL SubMagna™ SL HMW Sublingual Suspension

15 mL = $174.65

24 mL = $199.65

30 mL = $224.65

Semaglutide Base 2.5-mg/mL Sterile Injection Solution

2 mL = $259.65

Semaglutide Prescriptions can be picked up locally in our pharmacy or shipped anywhere in the state of Georgia only.

At Morgan Compounding Pharmacy, we’re not just navigating shortages; we’re pioneering solutions. Join us in reshaping the landscape of patient care, one custom formulation at a time.

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