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Compounded Metformin Cream: Addressing Diabetes, Dementia Risks, & Potential Side Effects

Compounded Metformin Cream: Addressing Diabetes, Dementia Risks, & Potential Side Effects



In the intricate dance of managing type 2 diabetes, metformin has long been a steadfast partner. Now, recent research not only highlights its prowess in diabetes control but also unveils a surprising ally in preventing dementia.

Adding a unique dimension to this narrative is Morgan Compounding Pharmacy’s compounded transdermal metformin cream — a game-changer that sidesteps the gastrointestinal (GI) hurdles while delivering the drug’s potential benefits directly to the tissues.

Let’s get into this groundbreaking approach and its potentially promising implications.

The Metformin–Dementia Link

Metformin, a cornerstone in type 2 diabetes care, emerges as a potential defender against dementia. A recent study showed that patients discontinuing metformin face a 21% higher risk of dementia, emphasizing the drug’s broader impact beyond blood glucose control. This revelation sparks curiosity, especially considering diabetes itself is a significant risk factor for cognitive decline.

Connecting Dementia, Diabetes, GI, and Metformin Cream

The study built itself on other work that suggests metformin’s benefits in lowering the risk of dementia. Some challenge this study, stating that it does not demonstrate cause-and-effect.

So, to dive into the connection between metformin and dementia, researchers delved into patient info from Kaiser Permanente Northern California. The data noted a large and diverse patient pool of 41,000 patients with type 2 diabetes. Among them were 12,200 “early terminators” — those who stopped taking metformin for various reasons, and 29,126 “routine users”.

The research “is part of broad efforts to evaluate whether we can repurpose existing drugs for the prevention or treatment of dementia” according to Dr. Sarah Ackley, PhD, of Boston University. Metformin shows promise, and providers may include it as a medication for the prevention of dementia, depending on further studies.

Metformin Cream and Transdermal Innovation

Morgan Compounding Pharmacy’s compounded transdermal metformin cream is a novel approach that revolutionizes how the drug is delivered. By applying metformin to the skin with a transdermal base, the medication permeates the tissues without the notorious gastrointestinal side effects that often accompany oral consumption. This groundbreaking method opens new doors for patients who may have struggled with traditional metformin formulations.

Unpacking the Potential Benefits

The transdermal application of metformin offers a promising solution to the challenges posed by the pill form. By bypassing the digestive system, patients may experience the full spectrum of metformin without the discomfort that may have led to patients discontinuing the drug.

As we explore the potential of transdermal metformin cream, it’s crucial to recognize the foundation laid by research. Studies have shown a positive association between metformin use and reduced dementia risk. The transdermal application, in turn, amplifies the drug’s potential benefits, offering a pathway for patients to embrace the medication without compromising on comfort.

Navigating Patient Preferences

While metformin, in its traditional form, has been prescribed to over 120 million people worldwide, patient adherence has been a persistent challenge. The compounded transdermal metformin cream from Morgan Compounding Pharmacy not only addresses the pill predicament but also opens up a conversation about personalized approaches to medication. It aligns with the understanding that every patient is unique, and their preferences and comfort are integral to addressing diabetes.

Metformin and Georgia’s Most Trusted Compounding Pharmacy

Addressing diabetes takes a transformative turn with the introduction of compounded transdermal metformin cream. Beyond being a potential diabetes control stalwart, metformin emerges as a likely defender against dementia without the discomfort when delivered through this innovative approach.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of diabetes care, personalized solutions like those provided at Morgan Compounding Pharmacy in Alpharetta, Georgia, offer hope and pave the way for a healthier future.