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Supplements & Vitamins

Vitamin & Nutritional Supplement Experts

We want to help you feel your best and achieve your goals of living a healthy and active life. Supplements and vitamins can help you increase your immune systems and body functions. 

Our pharmacists can provide expert advice on which supplements you should be taking, and they can compare different types, brands, and dosage so that you receive the maximum amount of supplement necessary.

Want to test for vitamin & hormone deficiencies? We offer at-home test kits for easy assessment of levels to make the best decisions in supplementation.

Come into the pharmacy and browse our selection, or join our Replete Program, where you get recommendations based on your needs.

Brands We Carry

We are happy to custom order supplements and vitamins that are not in stock in our store.

Replete Supplement Program

by Morgan Compounding Pharmacy

One of the side effects of prescription medications is the depletion of vital nutrients and vitamins in your body. 

We are proud to offer the Replete Program.  This program pairs the prescription medication your doctor has prescribed to the supplement or vitamin you should take to replenish your body. Our pharmacists are happy to go over the program with you and help you choose the right supplements to replenish your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients.  
MRX Replete Vitamins and Supplement Program

Professional supplementation program

Here to help.

Our experts can recommend the best supplements based on your situation. Come into our pharmacy to browse our vast selection of in-stock vitamins, supplements, and other over-the-counter items.