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SinuPower Nasal Spray

Upwards of as many as 70 percent of sinus infection sufferers are prescribed antibiotics that are not only ineffective but further lead to antibiotic resistance. This telling number delineates the need for a natural yet powerful way of keeping the sinuses healthy. SinuPower uses a multi-spice blend of wild oregano P73 along with clove, bay leaf, and sage in a saline base. This is the ideal way of cleansing the nasal passage while delivering this powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal oil combination directly to the sinuses.


SinuPower by Physicians Strength is a natural nasal wash. Powerful spice extracts help to clean the nasal membranes and sinuses naturally, and effectively.
Suggested Use:
Insert nozzle next to inner nasal membrane and gently squirt. Immediately sniff contents deeply to distribute throughout the sinuses. Repeat with each nostril. For best results sniff deeply. Repeat as necessary. Temporary burning, stinging, sneezing, or increased nasal discharge may occur. Non-addictive.
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