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Autism & Compounding

Dietary adjustments are a common method of controlling the symptoms of autism with many parents helping their children to avoid gluten, casein, and other ingredients that can cause problems.

However, gluten is present in many medications and casein is found in several probiotics.

When your physician works with our pharmacists, we can prepare medications free of troublesome ingredients that still provide the best possible therapy to address your child’s specific needs. 

In addition, to ensure the integrity of the ingredients in your child’s medication, Morgan Compounding Pharmacy can create medications in a form that will improve your child’s compliance.

Autism Medication Compounding

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Kid-friendly dosage forms

We know that it is tough at the best of times to get a child to swallow pills or bitter, unpleasant liquids. When you are caring for a child living with autism, this challenge can be even more burdensome. When your pediatrician works with our pharmacist, medications can be made in much more palatable forms including flavored syrups, gummies or troches. Our pharmacist can also work with your doctor to ensure that any other special needs or circumstances are catered for including food or medication allergies.

Ask your child’s medical practitioner about compounded medications, customized for their individual needs. Your child deserves the best, and we’re here to make the process easy.

Here to help.

Optimize children’s experiences with addressing health issues by providing medications that cater to their comfort and specific needs.