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Compounding for reducing visibility of scars

Scarring can have many causes, including surgeries, accidents, infections and burns. Regardless of the source, many scars impact patients in ways that are much more than skin deep. Patients look to compounding to take an active, more aggressive approach that caters to their individualized situation.

Decreasing the visibility of scars can make all the difference in self confidence, and consequently quality of life. We offer customized medications to promote healing and reduce scarring.

Specialty PCCA bases for scars


PracaSil™-Plus is the only compounding base created for scar therapy – and it’s helping make a difference for patients with scars, including keloid and acne scars. It provides long-lasting moisturization, protects the skin’s barrier and reduces water loss which in turn promotes a healing, soothing and nurturing environment.

PracaSil-Plus is Ideal For:
  • New & Old Scars
  • Surgical Scars
  • Keloids
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scars
  • Burns

Importance of the Right Bases

In compounding, when one refers to the “base”, they are talking about the actual cream or gel pharmacists put the active ingredients into.

It’s the vehicle that holds together the active ingredients and the medium that gets them to the targeted area in a person’s body.

Since the chemical structures of each ingredient or chemical differ, as does the intent of each cream, we have different bases for different purposes.

The Professional Compounding Centers of America, or PCCA for short, set industry standards and provide exclusive bases that are ideal for dermatological and cosmetic use.

Here to help.

Optimize your patients’ experiences with scars by providing compounded options that cater to their individual needs and unique situation.