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BiomeFx™ At-home Stool Test

At-home testing kit for checking stool samples for bacteria, yeast, fungi, and other microbes that indicate disease.

BiomeFx™ offers a clearer picture of the status of the gut microbiome. Using this unique reporting system, practitioners can:

✔️ Understand the functions of the gut microbiome
✔️ Identify dysbiosis ratios
✔️ Pinpoint which metabolites are overproduced or underproduced
✔️ Support specific gut functions using nourishing dietary practices, supplement protocols, and lifestyle recommendations
✔️ Help patients lead healthier lives!


Schedule a private consultation and our experts can break down your results, make recommendations for prescription and supplements based on deficiencies, etc.

This simple at-home test shows practitioners the abundance of: 

✔️ The abundance of 10 important keystone species  
✔️ The abundance of 34+ pathogens plus virulence factors  
✔️ Microbial cross-feeding relationships  
✔️ An analysis of 20+ functions of the microbiome 


Powered by CosmosID®

CosmosID® is a gene sequencing laboratory that holds the world’s largest database of microbial genomes. They are an industry leader in Whole Genome Sequencing—a cutting-edge technology that allows us to quantify the abundance of each microbial species rather than simply the presence or absence of each species. This gene sequencing technology has 99.9% specificity and 95.7% sensitivity

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