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The Morgan Compounding Journey

What to Expect

The Patient Journey

Physicians and their patients turn to Morgan Compounding Pharmacy to get a more personalized plan of care that caters to individual needs.

  • Custom Strengths
  • Custom Forms
  • Remove Allergens
  • Remove Unwanted Fillers
  • Flavoring
  • Recreate Discontinued Drugs

Addressing medical conditions with commercial, mass-produced medications does not work for everyone. Alternatives through compounding offer patients a customized experience.

Morgan Compounding Resources for Prescribers and Practitioners: how to write prescription

Step 1

Prescription is faxed to us by your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about compounded medications for your condition. After your physician has prescribed and faxed over your compound prescription, we will text or call you within 24 hours. We will answer questions about your prescription, collect your payment information and determine if you would like to have your prescription shipped or pick it up in the store.

Step 2

Prescription is shipped or ready for pickup.

Once payment is received, your prescription will be ready within 48 business hours. We will text you when it is ready for pick up or ready to ship. Our pharmacists are available to counsel you on your custom prescription and answer your questions. 

Step 3

Follow-up from pharmacist

Counseling a patient is a crucial step in the compounding process. To achieve the best results from a prescription, a patient must take or apply the medication exactly as prescribed. We take our time to explain how a medication works and any side effects it can cause. For new patients and new prescriptions, we like to make a follow-up call after you have received your medication and had a chance to use it for a couple of weeks. We can answer any questions and ensure you are taking or applying the medication correctly. 

Testing Hormone & Vitamin Levels

How does it work?

No prescription is needed to order at-home testing kits from Morgan Compounding Pharmacy

If you are experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Reduced sexual desire and activity
  • Infertility
  • Low bone mineral density
  • Hot flushes or sweats
  • Fatigue 
  • Weight gain/loss
It might be a good idea to get your hormone levels tested to get a clearer picture of your overall health.  *Tests male & female hormone levels.